The Executive Board sets the strategic direction for ISA, approves the annual budget, and acts on matters of policy to advance Society objectives as specified by the Bylaws. The Executive Board is the managing body of the Society.

The Executive Board includes the four Society officers (President, President-elect Secretary, Past President, Treasurer), six members with experience in geographic aspects of ISA, three members with leadership experience in operational aspects of ISA, three with leadership experience in technical aspects of ISA, up to three at-large members with leadership experience or other background or competencies deemed desirable for inclusion, Executive Board Parliamentarian, and Executive Director.


President Steve Mustard
President-elect Secretary Carlos Mandolesi
Past President Eric Cosman
Treasurer Scott Reynolds
Executive Director Mary Ramsey
  Mark Arkell
  Don Bartusiak
  Ken Belteau
  Marty Bince
  Jim Garrison
  Claudio Makarovsky
  Rajesh Rathi
  Ana Cristina Rodrigues
  Debashis Sadhukhan
  Prabhu Soundarrajan 
  Paulo Vergara
  Ashley Weckwerth
  Maurice Wilkins
  Shari Worthington