Proposal for New ISA Standards Development Project

ISA welcomes suggestions on new consensus industry standards that can be promulgated through the ISA development processes. The ISA development process assures that there is balanced input from a variety of contributors including end users, suppliers, and generalists. It assures that no single company predominates in their opinion. And it guarantees that everyone's point of view is given fair and considered hearing. Consensus documents can be developed quickly as technical reports or as standards through a more thorough review process. In either case, the document is developed within ISA's ANSI-accredited process with the result being well-respected and widely used by industry.

Please provide the information below as completely as possible, and your proposal will be given prompt consideration. To discuss your idea or for help in completing the information, please contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards Manager, at 919-990-9213 or

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describe the technologies being addressed, applications, industries affected, etc
why is this work needed by industry, who will benefit, what problems will be solved
ISA, other societies, international groups, industry organizations, etc
provide any relevant documentation, including a draft or outline of the document you would like to see approved