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Saturday, 08 Nov 2014

ISA Fall Leaders Meeting 2014
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
11/8/2014 8:00:00 AM

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is scheduled for Saturday, 08 Nov 2014

The event will be held at:
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Fall Leader Meeting Schedule with Room Names

Hello Fellow ISA Leaders!

The FLM will bring together leaders from ISA sections, divisions, districts, departments, and Society-level committees to conduct the business of the Society, participate in leadership training, and develop leadership succession plans. The 52nd Annual ISA Honors & Awards Gala, the Society Annual Members Meeting, and the Council of Society Delegates Meeting will also take place during the FLM. First-timers, and incoming and continuing leaders are encouraged to participate in these very important Society events.

The Leader Meeting Planning Team has finalized the FLM overview schedule. Please take a few minutes to review the schedule. Those who have attended past FLMs will notice some changes. For example, at the FLM kickoff session, leaders will share updates on tasks that were identified at the Spring Leaders Meeting related to critical Society initiatives. Also, we have added an FLM wrap-up session that will include a breakfast and panel presentation by members of the new ISA Automation Advisory Council. The planning team recognizes the value of networking so we have extended breaks and included special awards luncheons along with our traditional receptions to promote cross-pollination of ideas and to allow leaders to develop new and strengthen existing relationships. And leadership training has been interwoven throughout the schedule.

Section and division leaders please take note: A special "visioning" session has been scheduled on Sunday morning specifically for you. This will be an interactive discussion facilitated by Billy Bennett, CEO of Pyramid ODI. As you may recall from reading my updates in ISA Insights, Billy Bennett has been working with Society leaders since the beginning of this year-first at the January Executive Summit helping the Executive Board develop five (5) specific game-changing strategic goals, and later at the Spring Leaders Meeting helping assemblies and department and division directors identify specific actions each Society group will undertake to support the goals. Your input and support (as Section and Division leaders) are critical to our ability to achieve these goals, so come prepared to fully engage.

Division leaders, you will notice that the schedule does not include individual division meetings. Don't be alarmed. The planning team recognizes that an important aspect of the FLM is the opportunity it provides divisions to showcase their activities and stimulate interest among other leaders. However, I know you appreciate that there are both time and facility constraints. The planning team is sensitive to these issues and will be working with the department and division leaders on a new and exciting approach to providing this important level of engagement. You don't want to miss out on everything this new format will offer, so please be sure your division will be represented.

Finally, I strongly encourage all ISA leaders to attend this year's FLM. Our leader meeting will be most effective and have the most powerful impact on ISA's future success when we have the broadest and most robust level of leader participation possible. So start making your plans to attend the 2014 FLM today!

See you in Kansas City!

Peggie W. Koon, Ph.D.

2014 ISA President


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