• Division Committees

    Page updated June 11, 2018

    The Division covers the topics listed below. Committee chairs write brief articles at least twice a year for posting online. If you specialize in one of the open fields and would like to receive a bit of recognition for you and your employer in your efforts to help our 1,300 members, please contact Iwan van Beurden, the Division Director.

    Committee Committee Chair
    Abnormal Condition Management Bridget Fitzpatrick, Wood Group
    Alarm Management Todd Stauffer, exida
    BMS (Burner Management Systems) Paul Morgan, Siemens
    Cybersecurity Vyacheslav Borilin, Kaspersky Labs
    and John Cusimano, aeSolutions
    EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) David Hansen, Mangan
    F&G (Fire & Gas) James McNay, Micropack
    Field Devices Craig McIntyre, Endress+Hauser
    Machinery Jeff Winter, Grantek
    Nuclear J. Troy Martel, Safe Operating Systems
    Offshore Vivek Sud, Siemens
    Pipeline Hiten Dalal, Kinder Morgan
    SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) Simon Lucchini, Fluor Canada, Ltd.
    Software Geoff Barnard, B&C Automation Systems, LLC
    Tank Farms Luis Garcia, Siemens
    Wireless Murtaza Gandhi, BakerRisk

    If you can think of any additional committee topics or specialties, please let Iwan van Beurden (the Division Director) know – especially if you’re interested in serving as chair!


    Leadership Contacts:

    Barnard Geoffrey

    Geoffrey Barnard
    Software Chair

    Cusimano John

    Vyacheslav Borilin
    Cybersecurity Co-Chair

    John Cusimano
    Cybersecurity Co-Chair

    Dalal Hiten 

    Hiten Dalal
    Pipeline Chair

     Cusimano John

    Paul Morgan
    BMS Chair

    Bridget Fitzpatrick
    ACM Chair

    Gandi Murtaza

    Murtaza Gandhi
    Wireless Chair

    Luis Garcia
    Tank Farm Chair

    Paul Gruhn

    Hansen David 

    David Hansen
    EPC Chair

    Cusimano John

    Kim Belinsky
    Staff Contact

    Lucchini Simon 

    Simon Lucchini
    SIS Chair

    Martel J Troy 

    J. Martel
    Nuclear Chair

    Mcintyre CraIG 

    Craig Mcintyre
    Field Devices Chair


    James McGlone
    Former Director


    James McNay
    Fire & Gas Chair

    Medoff Michael  
    Michael Medoff
    Membership Chair

    Todd Stauffer
    Alarm Mgmt Chair

    Scott Michael  
    Michael Scott 
    Past Director

    Sud Vivek  
    Vivek Sud
    Offshore Chair

    Jeff Winter  
    Jeff Winter
    Machinery Chair

    Iwan van Beurden