''The fourth industrial revolution ABTCP 2017''

Ronaldo Neves Ribeiro

''Industria 4.0 - Conceitos e Aplicação a Indústrias de Processo''


Luiz Egreja


Originally presented at the ABTCP 2017-50th Pulp & Paper International Congress & Exhibition at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brasil on September 23 – 25

''Finding and Evaluating Valve Condition: A part of any Safe and Efficient Operation''

Steven T. Obermann, Metso

Originally presented at the 2016 ISA P
rocess Control & Safety Symposium at the Westchase Marriott in Houston on November 8 - 10

''Effective Decision Support in a Crisis! Machines Supporting Humans with a Standards-based Approach''
Dr. Maurice J. Wilkins , Yokogawa

''Auditing Your Lab to Insure Sensor Reliability''
Sandy Beder-Miller, BTG

''Useful Advanced Bleach Plant Measurements''
James Goldman - Valmet

Addition of New Washers to an Existing Brown Stock Wash Line

By: Mona Henderson& Anders Hjort - Valmet

''Control of the Extraction Stage Using the True Terminal pH''
Richard Van Fleet, BTG
''Bleach Plant Control Optimisation Using Inline Brightness and Residual Measurements Along With On-Line Kappa Measurements ''
James Goldman - Metso

''Optimizing Your Process Through Lignin Management''
Sandra Beder-Miller, BTG
Holt Crenshaw's 2014 Process Control & Safety Symposium Presentation
Michel Ruel's 2014 Process Control & Safety Symposium Presentation
Steve Obermann's 2014 Process Control & Safety Symposium Presentation
Analog Control Techniques & Tuning (with Ziegler-Nichols) by Ralph K. Johnson of Bailey

"Big Data Improves Plant Safety"
Mark Nixon - Emerson Process Management

"Wireless MPC Application for DWC Control"
Willy Wojsznis - Emerson Process Management

 “Virtualization – A Powerful Tool for Process Control”
John McIlwain - Honeywell - Performance Materials & Technologies

"Industrial Advances in Wireless Control"
Terry Blevins - Emerson Process Management

Is Process Control Training REALLY No Longer Necessary?
Harold Wade

Addressing Cycling Problems in Pulp & Paper Processes
Steve Obermann - Metso

Tutorial: Diagnosing the Root Cause of Oscillations
Steve Obermann - Metso


Revised Steady-State Model for Chlorine Dioxide Brightening that Considers Extraction Washer Carryover Effects

By: Brian N. Brogdon

FutureBridge Consulting Services, LLC


Originally presented at the 2016 Paperweek Canada Conference at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal on Thursday, February 4, 2016


An Update on Consistency Transmitter Measurement Technology & Process Considerations

By: Mike Hendricks

Application Manager

BTG Americas Inc.


Originally presented at the 2015 TAPPI Peers Conference at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta on Wednesday, October 28, 2015


A Stochastic Continuous Digester Model To Capture Transition, Compaction And Chip Size Distribution Effects

By: Ferhan Kayihan, PhD

IETek – Integrated Engineering Technologies 

5533 Beverly Ave NE 

Tacoma, WA 98422-1402 

tel 253-925 2179 



This paper was selected as the best ISA paper for 2014 & awarded by 2014 ISA President Peggy Koon at the ISA Honors & Awards Gala at the Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland in Kansas City, MO

The Paper was Presented at ISA Automation Week 2013

Nashville, Tennessee •Renaissance Nashville, USA

4-7 November 2013

THE HIGH PERFORMANCE HMI: Proof Testing in a Real World Trial


Bill Hollifield (bhollifield@pas.com)

PAS Principal Alarm Management and HMI Consultant

Hector R. Perez (hperez@pas.com)

PAS High Performance HMI Product Manager