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Monday, 09 Jun 2014

ISA Cybersecurity Conference 2014 at THE BIG M
Detroit, MI
6/9/2014 8:00:00 AM

ISA Cybersecurity Conference 2014

Co-located at THE BIG M Manufacturing Convergence

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  • All sessions 10 and 11 June
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  • Keynotes on Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Reception on Tuesday
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The BIG M Manufacturing Convergence in Detroit, June 9-12, 2014, is the premier event to talk about industries' greatest challenges - not the least among them, cybersecurity. Defending against incoming cyber threats and learning how to mitigate damage from hackers is a top priority for manufacturers.

The co-located ISA Cybersecurity Conference will have experts on hand to discuss the cybersecurity of operations and industrial networks. What you learn here could help you prepare so that if and when a cyber-attack occurs, it will result in a minor inconvenience instead of a costly shutdown. There are many options for learning about cybersecurity, but the ISA Cybersecurity Conference is dedicated to industrial cybersecurity and the particular set of problems faced by the manufacturing plants and processing facilities that constitute our critical infrastructure. When facing the serious large-scale challenges that cybersecurity presents, the opportunity to hear directly from governmental officials, standards laboratories and committee members, leading solutions providers, and the right industry experts – all in one place – is priceless.

While it is nearly impossible to prevent industrial cyber-attacks, you can significantly reduce your risks and vulnerabilities and minimize the consequences. ISA’s Cybersecurity Conference will shed light on what you can do to protect your industrial networks and control systems from serious, potentially devastating, damage from cyber threats. Featuring some of the world’s most acclaimed global experts in industrial cybersecurity, the ISA Cybersecurity Conference 2014 will:

  • Reveal how to detect cyber-threats and mitigate the risks and exposure to your plant systems and networks
  • Introduce proven industrial control systems security standards and practices and demonstrate how to leverage them
  • Showcase best practices utilized in various industries and highlight peer experiences and lessons learned

PLUS: Receive PDH’s for attending and a certificate of completion!

THE BIG M manufacturing convergence

THE BIG M is not only devoted to answering the big questions about the future of manufacturing. It's also focused on the entire manufacturing process - from design to production to quality to sustainability, and much more. THE BIG M is ultimately about helping you find the solutions you need here and now.

THE BIG M takes networking to a whole new level. Real working sessions provide a level of collaboration you've never experienced before - with real results. "Connection Stations" throughout the exhibit area encourage impromptu meetings. Small group networking sessions, matchmaking opportunities and social events will help you make connections and build alliances across multiple industries.

The opportunity to learn about the latest innovations that can impact your manufacturing process will be unlimited. Event highlights such as the Innovation Factories, exhibit floor "tech talks" and Q&As with industry experts in the M|Exchange allow you to gain the knowledge you need most. Innovation Factories feature live presentations of the latest technologies, showcasing smart manufacturing, modeling & simulation, digital manufacturing, advanced materials, cybersecurity and more.

ISA Cybersecurity Innovation Factory:

The ISA Cybersecurity Innovation Factory is one of four interactive demonstration areas showcasing technologies and solutions with experts on hand to answer your toughest questions. Surrounding this area are exhibit booths from participating cybersecurity vendors so that you can stop by and talk to them about their specific technology or solutions and how they relate to your application. Don't miss this opportunity get hands-on information from your colleagues who are involved every day in the fight to keep your data and plant assets safe and secure.

The call for papers is closed.

Location & Accommodations
is scheduled for Monday, 09 Jun 2014

The event will be held at:
Detroit, MI

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Moore_SamaraSamara Moore - Featured Speaker from The White House
National Security Council, Director for Critical Infrastructure

From the unique vantage point of a key White House Cybersecurity insider, Ms. Moore will discuss President Obama’s Executive Order for the Cybersecurity protection of industrial automation and control systems. She will address the implications of this mandate on automation professionals working in critical infrastructure areas such as oil and gas refining or power and water utilities, and its additional relevance and impact on every other type of manufacturing operation.

Kevin StineKevin Stine
NIST-National Institute of Science and Technology

Cybersecurity Framework Impact and Implementation  
The Cybersecurity Framework called for by President Obama’s executive order last year was recently released by NIST. Learn how it will be implemented and how cybersecurity standards are vital components of the framework.

Building on Device Vulnerabilities: Attack Modes for ICS         
Bryan Singer, Kenexis Security Corporation

When those perpetrating cyber-attacks possess the deadly combination of IT security skills, engineering skills, and control systems knowledge, they represent a critical danger to safe and efficient operations. Interlopers with this skill set can get past the device level vulnerabilities and wreak havoc on an industrial control system. This session will illustrate how access may be gained in your ICS and effectively bypass machine protective systems – and what you can do about it.  

Cybersecurity of Industrial Networks       
Eric Cosman, Dow Chemical

Successfully ensuring the security of industrial control systems is a daunting and complex task, and requires a collaborative approach that includes contributions from several stakeholders. Understanding, agreeing on, and coordinating the respective responsibilities of these contributors is actually more important than any specific technology or method. The asset owners are ultimately accountable for the security of these systems but they need not feel alone. This article provides the reader with practical guidance on how to address this challenge.

 Standards for Industrial Cybersecurity   
Vic Wegelin, PMA Concepts, and ISA Instructor

Effective cybersecurity has its basis in credible guidelines and practices such as those designated within the ISA 99 and ANSI standards. These established and validated industry practices are becoming part of an accepted body of knowledge on which the safeguarding of industrial control systems relies. This session will help automation professionals navigate the many documents contained in these standards and apply the information and specific control system scenarios.
 Process Control Networks - Secure Architecture Design
Eric Knapp, Honeywell Process Automation

Open architecture and IP networks, while making expanded business information more available, have rendered automation control systems more vulnerable to cyber-attack. An important cybersecurity counter-measure is defense-in-depth architecture. A comprehensive understanding of network design security, based on the ISA-62443 industrial cybersecurity standard (ISA99 on Secure Process Control Network Architecture) will enable asset owners to layer system protection to fortify PCNs against external intrusion threats.

Documenting and Securing Industrial Networks
Graham Speake, Yokogawa Corporation of America

Unlike IT systems, industrial networks are designed to run with very few modifications for a period of 20 years or even longer.  These systems communicate with the same portals and systems year after year with the same protocol.  Identifying and documenting systems and protocols will be discussed along with the tools and techniques needed to secure them.

Defining System Boundaries         
Doug Huffman, CSI - Control System & Integration Consultants

This session will cover defining system boundaries, type, and security requirements, establishing the physical boundaries, determining the logical boundaries, and finally documenting the system interconnections and rationales behind those interconnections.

System Integrator's Cybersecurity Role  
Bruce Billedeaux, MAVERICK Technologies

This session will reveal the new skills, competencies and qualifications you should expect from system integrators in their role of supporting the cyber security needs of their customers.  Discussion will include a look at why qualified SI’s are in a strong position to fill the gaps that exist in protecting client’s assets, intellectual property and employees from these risks,  and SI’s obligation to demonstrate proper stewardship with regard to their own internal cyber security policies and safeguards.

Compliance and Infrastructure Protection           
Jerome Farquharson, Joseph Randazza, Burns & McDonnell

This session includes a case study of the implementation of the newly revised V.5 of the CIP cybersecurity standard, which takes an integrated approach of the NIST risk-based methodology used in federal system applications. Implementing IT security controls on legacy SCADA, DCS and EMS equipment is daunting due to the equipment’s age and sensitivity. Topics to include implementing cybersecurity controls, integration of factory acceptance testing, and the impact of migrating current systems from previous NERC CIP standards, how to track the migration process, and identifying resource load on systems, components and networks.

User Experiences with Cybersecurity Programs
Nate Kube, Wurldtech
Typical network attacks follow common steps such as reconnaissance, intrusion, vulnerability exploit development, automation, and maintenance. Learn about new tools that provide visibility into ICS security to detect attacks earlier. Session also explores the requirement to tailor responses to the perceived threat level – from simple alerts to quarantining infected systems.

ISA Cybersecurity Innovation Factory
A Walk-Through Technology Demonstration

The ISA Cybersecurity Innovation Factory is one of four large interactive demonstration areas on the exhibit floor, showcasing technologies and solutions with experts on hand to answer your toughest questions. Walk through at your leisure to see for yourself what the latest cybersecurity technologies and solutions look like and how they relate to your applications. Surrounding this area are participating cybersecurity vendor booths for learning about each specific technology and to help determine which solutions are best for your facility’s unique challenges. Get hands-on information from your colleagues who are involved every day in the fight to keep your data and plant assets safe and secure.

M|Exchange Panel: Cybersecurity Challenges to Industrial Networks

Join us on Wednesday in the MIExchange area on the exhibit floor for a lively panel discussion open to all: “Cybersecurity Challenges to Industrial Networks.” This panel discussion will feature experts in industrial cybersecurity including representatives from major suppliers and large end-user companies. A brief presentation from each panelist will be followed by a Q&A period. Take advantage of this opportunity to find out how you can mitigate your risk of damage from cyber threats and avoid the major problems that can occur when critical infrastructure is compromised.

Panelists include:

Rachael Conrad  
Rachael Conrad
Business Manager,
Network Infrastructure & Security, 
Control & Visualization BusinessRockwell Automation 


Bruce Billedeaux
Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, MAVERICK Technologies

Eric Cosman
Manufacturing IT Consulting Engineer, Dow Chemical 

Jeffrey Smith
Controls Architecture & ICS Security, American Axle (AAM)



 Katherine Voss
President and Executive Director, ODVA


Exhibit and Championship Opportunities

Suppliers have the opportunity to participate in the ISA cybersecurity-themed area of the event floor (or other area, if more appropriate to the technology displayed).  Exhibit space is available in 10’ x 10’ increments, and must be referred by ISA for rates. 

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for suppliers who wish to participate in the ISA Cybersecurity Innovation Factory. 

ISA Cybersecurity Innovation Factory

The ISA Cybersecurity Innovation Factory is where innovative technologies and applications will be demonstrated in a live manufacturing operation.

This prominent area on the exhibit floor will feature interactive demonstrations showcasing cybersecurity technologies and solutions designed to keep plant data and assets safe and secure from cyber threats.  Surrounding this area are exhibit booths from participating cybersecurity vendors so that after attendees have seen the Innovation Factory, they can go to a vendor booth to discuss their specific solutions and how they relate to your application.  Sponsor the innovation factory with a hands-on demonstration area, and then talk with customers privately in your own booth space. 

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For more information regarding exhibitor and Innovation Factory sponsorship opportunities, contact:
Carol Schafer
+1 (919) 990-9206


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