Using the ANSI/ISA-99 standard to secure your control system



    The move to open standards such as Ethernet, TCP/IP and web technologies in SCADA and process control networks has begun to expose these systems to the same cyber attacks that have wrecked so much havoc on corporate information systems. This course provides a detailed look at how the ANSI/ISA99 standards can be used to protect your critical control systems. It also explores the procedural and technical differences between the security for traditional IT environments and those solutions appropriate for SCADA or plant floor environments.


    You will be able to:

    • Understand the principles behind the creating an effective long term program security;
    • Interpret the ANSI/ISA99 industrial security standards and apply them to your operation;
    • Analyze the current trends in industrial security incidents and methods hackers use to attack a system;
    • Learn the basics of risk and vulnerability analysis methodologies;
    • Understand the principles of security policy development;
    • Understand the concepts of defense in depth and zone/conduit models of security;
    • Know the principles behind the key risk mitigation techniques, including anti-virus and patch management, firewalls and virtual private networks.

    What you'll cover:

    • Understanding the Current Industrial Security Environment;
    • How Cyber Attacks Happen;
    • Creating A Security Program;
    • Using ISA99.00.02 - Risk Analysis;
    • Using ISA99.00.02 - Addressing Risk with Security Policy, Organization, and Awareness;
    • Using ISA99.00.02 - Addressing Risk with Selected Security Counter Measures;
    • Using ISA99.00.02 - Addressing Risk with Implementation Measures;
    • Using ISA99.00.02 - Monitoring and Improving the CSMS;


    2 days



    € 1.295,-, excl. VAT and inclusive the printed ISA-99 standards (value of about $300,-) and catering.

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    • Start: 11 February at 08:00 
    • End:   12 February at 16:30
    • Event Category: ISA-99
    • Event Organizer: ISA Europe
    • Place: The Hague, Netherlands