As practitioners in an important and learned profession, in order to establish and maintain a high standard of integrity and practice, as members of ISA we shall:

  1. hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of our duties, and shall notify our employer or client and such other authority as may be appropriate where such obligations are abused;
  2. avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action;
  3. act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees, and we shall not participate in any business association, interest or circumstances which influence, or appear to influence, their judgment or the quality of their services;
  4. issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner and shall avoid any conduct which brings discredit upon the profession;
  5. avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible, and to disclose them to affected parties when they do exist;
  6. seek, accept, and offer honest criticism of technical work, to acknowledge and correct errors, and to credit properly the contributions of others;
  7. treat fairly and respectfully all colleagues and co-workers, recognizing their unique contributions and capabilities;
  8. perform services only in areas in which we are qualified by education or experience, and shall endeavor to maintain our professional skills;
  9. represent our abilities, qualifications, education, technical associations and professional registrations without exaggeration and in accordance with the laws of the locations in which we practice;
  10. not represent ourselves or our company using ISA’s name in such a manner as to imply endorsement by ISA in order to advance personal or company sales, leads or other gain;
  11. respect the proprietary information, copyrights, intellectual property rights, and data privacy of others;
  12. become familiar with and follow ISA’s Policies and Procedures including the Code of Standard Leadership Practices while acting on behalf of the Society, when serving as a volunteer.