Notice of Meeting
Meetings of ISA Assemblies, committees and other groups will be scheduled in advance with at least 14-day advance notice recommended.
Meeting Agenda
The chair reviews and establishes an agenda for each meeting. The agenda is composed of items identified by members of the group, by referral from another group, or the Executive Director or his or her designee.
Members of each group placing items on an agenda have the following obligations:  
  1. Identify in advance all matters that will be placed on the agenda.
  2. Document the background, basis for need and other important details related to the proposal (or request assistance from the Executive Director, or his or her designee, in preparing the documentation).
  3. Provide sufficient time for members of the body to study the matter prior to the meeting.
Each item or proposal admitted to the agenda is given identification in a numerical series. All action items remain on the agenda for subsequent meetings until a final disposition is made and recorded in the minutes.
The agenda and supporting documentation are distributed by the chair or his or her designee about two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. Documentation includes minutes of the previous meeting and any attachments supporting the agenda items. To the extent practical, the agenda and supporting documentation may be provided by electronic means.
Additions to the Agenda
The chair, before taking items on the established agenda, lists additions to the agenda on which advance notice has been given and then calls for other additions to the agenda by the members. Items added to the agenda are assigned a place on the agenda as agreed by the group.
Conduct of Meetings
All groups within the Society will conduct their business and take action following Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, except where inconsistent with the Society’s Bylaws. [Bylaws, Article XXII] A parliamentary motions guide is available in the online Society operating documents for reference.
Any group may meet, or one or more of its members may attend a meeting, using audio or video conferencing providing advance notice is provided by the member wishing to attend remotely.
Any group may take action without meeting as long as all members agree to such action.
It is expected that members of each group will familiarize themselves with the agenda and the documentation prior to the meeting. To the extent possible, questions that arise should be clarified with the appropriate leader or staff member prior to the meeting.
A quorum for conducting business is 50% of those eligible to vote on the matter at hand.
Meeting Minutes
Minutes are the record of the official actions of each group. At the discretion of the chair and the group, an individual will be appointed to take the minutes of each meeting. An approved motion that requires changes to the MOP should be clearly identified for action to be recommended to the Executive Board. The ISA staff is generally responsible for distributing minutes to the appropriate groups and individuals.