Staff and Volunteer Relationships and Roles

The procedures followed by the Society’s professional staff are motivated by the objective of service to the Society. In this context, the Staff: administers the Society’s business activities and helps coordinate, guide and promote other membership services including technical, educational and standards activities. Staff supports the volunteer leadership in the management and execution of their duties.

When defining responsibilities, it is essential to place accountability and authority with the responsible parties. The ISA volunteers bring their relevant knowledge and experience in making decisions on matters related to policy, goals, and approval of plans. The ISA staff manages, is accountable for, and has authority within the approved plans for decisions on matters related to the financial/business aspects of the Society as well as the execution of the approved plans.

The volunteer-staff partnership culture of ISA has been and will continue to be a key element of ISA’s success. Maintaining, evolving, and improving on this culture is everyone’s responsibility. The Staff is responsible for assuring that ISA members receive due recognition for their contributions.

ISA staff who are appointed to support an ISA work group (committee, council, board, task force, etc.) will be ex-officio, non-voting members of the work group, with all other rights and privileges of participation as ISA volunteer members of the work group. In addition to their responsibilities as a member of the work group, the ISA staff member will ordinarily also provide the administrative support to the work group. Recognizing that our staff have specific job responsibilities, if a project or activity is identified by a volunteer group that will require staff resources beyond what is typical and budgeted, the group should consider initiating a project proposal (see Procedures for Initiating Projects).

It is important to recognize that the staff provides continuity as Society volunteer leadership changes.