Project proposals may be initiated by members or organizational units. In order to facilitate new activities and projects as identified by ISA volunteer leaders the following basic process is recommended.

Project Identification

When considering a new activity or project, the Society strategic goals or aspect of the Society’s mission that will be supported should be identified.

Submittal for Consideration

In preparation for review by appropriate individuals and/or bodies the following should be compiled.           

  1. General Description - Describe the proposed project.
  2. Definition of Need - What is the problem? Who will benefit from its resolution?
  3. Duplication or Dove-Tailing - Are duplicate, over-lapping, or complementary projects underway or contemplated by other organizations or Society units?
  4. Implementation of the Plan - What implementation is required? Who will be responsible for project progress? How many hours of staff support is anticipated? Will other ISA groups or external organizations be involved in the project? If so, describe division of responsibilities.
  5. Quality Control - How will quality be assured?
  6. Budget - Provide a preliminary budget (request staff held, if needed) and indicate where financial responsibility will reside.
  7. Timetable - Following final approval, on what schedule do you expect project implementation to proceed?
  8. Marketing - Estimate how many persons may be interested in the project’s end result, and how publicity might best reach them.
  9. Other Supporting Information - Provide any additional information that will help others evaluate the merits of your proposal.