ISA may choose to provide products or services from third parties with due consideration to risk and the impact on Society resources. These products and services should be evaluated against three basic criteria:

  1. Does it fit the mission of ISA?
  2. Is it appropriate to be offered by a tax-exempt, professional technical society?
  3. Is there a need for the product or service among ISA members, customers (individual or corporate), or the automation community?

If any one of these criteria is not met the product or service is not likely appropriate to be offered by ISA. If all criteria are met further evaluation of ISA resources required and benefit to the Society and its members should be undertaken. The evaluation should determine whether the product or service should be offered by ISA or through an arrangement with a third party.

ISA may offer products or services that satisfy this policy through an arrangement with a third party. This may require any of the following actions by ISA: development, delivery or distribution, referral, resale, or marketing. ISA will be impartial in making arrangements with third parties. Accordingly, third parties may be used only if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The arrangement is non-exclusive such that any qualified third party offering the product or service may participate in an arrangement with ISA on substantially the same terms (which will be specified and available to the competing organizations); or
  • The arrangement is exclusive or limited to a definite number of providers, for a limited period not to exceed five years and based upon an evaluation of competitive proposals.