Name *: Ultrasonic flowmeter
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The USM GT400 ultrasonic flowmeter helps track the movement of gas through pipelines and reduces the effort needed to maintain pipeline metering, which is especially critical given the skills shortage many oil and gas companies are facing as veteran engineers retire. The USM GT400 measures the volume of natural gas at every stage of its movement, storage, and utilization, which is important because the volume of gas transported via pipelines to consumers is metered for billing.

Compliant with CEESmaRT technology-a secure, cloud-based approach to condition-based monitoring-the flowmeter has direct-path technology with six measuring paths on three levels for stability during flow perturbations. The paths are arrayed in an "X" pattern in horizontal planes. This orientation enables measurement of swirl, cross flow, and asymmetry, as well as transparent path velocity weighting per the Gauss-Chebyshev profile model for compressible fluids.

The USM's electronics handle path-specific measurements while optimizing internal diagnostics. It includes speed of sound and flow velocity calculations, signal processing, and data storage capabilities and can interface to flow computers, gas chromatographs, and supervisory control and data acquisition systems. The meter's transducer-which operates at standard frequencies of 120 or 200 kHz (alternate frequencies are available for noisy environments)-consists of piezoelectric crystals fully encapsulated in titanium housing for resistance to dirt. This configuration is field-replaceable under pressure.

Date Submitted*:  2014-06-06
Image*:  Honeywell Ultrasonic Flowmeter